Emergency Room Bedside Reporting Observation

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Emergency Room Bedside Reporting Institution Date Emergency Room Bedside Reporting Bedside reporting involves giving information or a report to the oncoming nurse in the presence of a patient. This method gives the patient an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification regarding his or her care. Bedside reporting increases patient satisfaction, quality of healthcare and nurse-to-nurse responsibility. Hospitals need to design a better handoff process that can easily reduce patient risks and increase patients’ involvement in their care. Emergency rooms shift reports usually take place at the nursing station of every patient care area. The departing nurse gives information verbally to the oncoming shift. Therefore,…show more content…
The complexity and type of information, method of communication and caregivers of this program impact the effectiveness of the handoff and patient safety. Healthcare has evolved with time thereby becoming more specialized Purpose of the Study The basic reason for this study is to identify ways to improve the quality of healthcare among patients through bedside reporting method.This will better satisfaction and services delivered at the hospitals. The ever increasing specialization to improve patient outcomes and better health care delivery can contribute to the serious riskof fragmentation of care and problems with handoffs. These are some of the issues associated with emergency room reporting method (Radtke, 2013). There is need to evaluate the handoff method used in hospitals and understand which is the best way to use that increases patient satisfaction. Bedside handoff gives the patient an opportunity to contribute to his or her plan of care. It allows the nurse to visualize the client and as necessary questions regarding their health status. This is the reason there is a need to conduct research on bedside reporting. Significance of Study The significance of the study is to discuss and clarify why bedside reporting is the best method of patient handoff. The benefits associated with this kind of bedside reporting and if implemented, how it will be of help to
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