A Research Study On Social And Academic Lives

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Research is a part of life; it doesn’t matter what you do or where you are you take part in investigating in all the areas of life. There are different designs to research a certain topic. The three designs are qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research. I will be discussing the three different research designs and how they are used to gather data for a certain study.
Qualitative research is used when trying to investigate an issue or concern by using interviews, studying the setting of the participants and interpreting the data. One of the strategies of gaining the information is by performing case studies. The benefit of this type of research is great in which they view and then interview the participants to gain knowledge and to understand the certain issue. All the data is interpreted and used to get a conclusion.
In the article “Meaningful Engagement in Facebook Learning Environments: Merging Social and Academic Lives”, qualitative research is used. In this study they “compared the effectiveness of different learning environments between interactive Facebook instructional method and non-Facebook instructional method for undergraduate students.” (Wang, Lin, w., & Wu, 2013). This study was performed in a class with students and instructors on how to use Facebook to learn and interact with the other fellow students. In this circumstance the direct observations data is collected and one of the strategies used is collaborating with participants to gain the

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