Csa Trauma After Childhood Trauma

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Research Question
According to “Moving Beyond the Pain: Women’s Responses to the Perinatal Period After Childhood Sexual Abuse,” 1 in 9 pregnant women have experienced some type of childhood sexual abuse also known as CSA (Roller, 2011). The purpose of this study was to develop a hypothetical outline for practitioners to better understand how CSA women cope with the possible pain of reliving their CSA trauma during the perinatal period.
Research Design
The study is a qualitative study, which explores subjective and descriptive information from its participants to gather information such as opinions, ideas, and behaviors. The information that is gathered can help provide an understanding of a problem or provide possible resolutions to problems
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This technique was one of the strengths of the study, providing a more focused response from the participants in regards to their experiences with CSA and the effects it had on their pregnancy. Secondly, the study did not focus on interventions and rather concentrated on gathering insights from participants with real-life experiences of CSA and how they survive through pregnancies, which has the potential to cause flashbacks of their past trauma. In order to provide holistic care, providers must first understand why and how their patients react to certain situations. Another strength of the study was that it yielded similar findings of other research studies, which supported the researcher’s findings of how women survive flashbacks of CSA throughout the perinatal period (Roller,…show more content…
The first limitation was that most of the participants were of African-American descent and therefore did not show the diversity within the study. Providing diversity within the study may have given insight into cultural differences of coping mechanisms and a better understanding of how providers can provide more culturally appropriate interventions. Another limitation that the researcher mentioned was that the information gathered in regards to the participant’s CSA came from their memory and therefore could have been altered over time. The researcher also stated that the participants were not properly screened for PTSD and consequently it was unknown whether they had already recovered from it. This could potentially alter the way participants handle their triggers, which would ultimately change the results and validity of the study (Roller, 2011).
Future Research The researcher suggested that further exploration into PTSD could help to further develop the framework of the three phases (Roller, 2011).
Clinical Significance and
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