A Resident Of The United States Of America Essay

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Roberto wants to make a change and become a resident of the United States of America, this is something that is not impossible yet very difficult to accomplish. Roberto has a disadvantage on his part already since he crossed the border, making his situation more complexed for him to become a resident due to him violating the law. His aspirations are difficult to achieve since he does not have immediate family members that are United States citizen, therefore it is difficult for him to become a United States resident in a fast manner. An alternative that may help Roberto become a resident would be if his aunt Celia would file an I-130 petition for her sister Dolores to become resident and then Dolores would be able to file for Roberto due to Dolores becoming a resident. The disadvantage of these would be that the filling would be a long process and Roberto might have to go back to his country in order to follow the law and help the process go by much quicker. Another way that Roberto could have the possibility of becoming a resident would be if his formal job, likes the way he works and grants him the favor of working on long term and helping him file for his residency. Unfortunately, with the job that he has it seems impossible for that to occur since they already treat him unfairly and hardly pay him the wage he deserves. Also, his health conditions are not at their greatest, having a great possibility that he will not be working for the company for a very long time. It is
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