A Rhetorical Analysis Of Donald Trump

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As he continued with his explanation he began to use the straw man fallacies. Somehow the conversation shifted from generating jobs to China devaluing currency. He “claims” that China is using us to rebuild their country and continues to say that we have no politicians to fight their actions. It is completely off topic but yet he also does this again where he brings up child care out of nowhere and persists to give irrelevant statements that lingers the initial question. Donald Trump uses a particular rhetoric appeal to persuade his audience which I believe to be pathos. For example: during certain segments of his claims the inflation in his voice rises when he attempts to counter a claim. Pathos refers to using emotiono to get your point across and that is all Donald Trump would exhibit. Trump would interrupt and/or overspeak Hillary…show more content…
Possibly expressing his unsurety or lack of knowledge of the subject. Donald Trump’s evidence or reasoning is more audience based because he says what he believes the audience wants to here. His main voters and or audience are those who may classify as republican. Therefore, his claims may only attract those who appeal to his same mindset and
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