A Role Of A Real Man

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A Role of a Real Man Afghanistan is a patriarchal entity, where in other countries in the region where male family member are the ones who make the decisions for themselves and their household. The role of being a male is that they are the minds of the women, whether it the female 's father, brother, husband, and possibly the brother-in-law. The male is the head of the households they are responsible for the way he is represented and is expected to take all major decisions regarding his family. Marriages in Afghanistan are arranged by the families of the marrying couple. Unlike in the United States where there relationship are initiated by the man and the women themselves. Women are married off before they reach puberty, to men who are…show more content…
The novel A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini has a character named Rasheed, who is a widowed shoemaker who was married and had a son, but both died before his arranged marriage with fifteen year old Mariam. He learns to be an amazing husband and follows through to being an the perfect man in Afghanistan. Rasheed saved Mariam also, Laila when she was fourteen and he was sixty years old. Rasheed supplied for his wives with their needs, and loved them. The role of being a male figure in Afghanistan you are to marry whoever you desire no matter her age, but most of the time the family of the girl reaches out to a particular person they would like her to marry.. Rasheed was in his early or mid forties when he married his second wife Mariam, she was sold to him to be gone out of her father 's life because she was a harami. In this culture a harami is referred to a bastard child usually. As, stated in the book, “Mariam was five years old the first time she heard the word harami”(Hoseini, 3). Mariam would of never been given the chance of marriage because she was a bastard that was a dishonor to her tradition and to society. In society in Afghanistan being a bastard child meant that you were no good to anyone you had no worth. It is said about Illegitimate children, “An illegitimate child is a child born of a woman, the father of which is not the husband of the woman, therefore, the child does not bear the father’s name. It is a child born out of
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