A Scene Of Officer Judy Essay

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would shoot the victims with the plant that would cause them to go rogue. When they finally obtained the proof they needed to show it was specifically predators. In the process, they ran into some trouble, although they overcame the obstacles and turned the people in behind it all which was mayor Bellwether. After apprehending mayor Bellwether, she claims she did it because the prey are always underappreciated, but this does not stop Judy from doing her job. After undoing her wrong, she brings peace back to the public. Soon after the animals that had gone rogue were treated (Spencer & Howard, Moore, 2016). To conclude the movie it shows a scene of Officer Judy Hopps presenting at a graduation ceremony of new recruits. Nick becoming a police officer for ZPD. Who was the department’s first fox. While last but not least is a scene of their first day on the job together. Where they are set out on a case of someone who keeps tearing up Savanah Central (Spencer & Howard, Moore, 2016). In short, Nick’s behavior mainly revolved around what people had already expected from him. To continue, this means his deviant behavior and actions throughout the movie were around the idea that he lived to hustle people and was a shifty schemer only out for his own personal gain. For example, Nick had conned Officer Hops into buying him the Jumbo Pop for him. However this behavior is deviant in itself the only thing he done that he could be convicted for was tax evasion since he had not paid taxes

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