A Short Note On Bsn Nursing Practice Transition Plan

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RN to BSN Nursing Practice Transition Plan The purpose of this paper is to help me to define my professional identity, my scope of practice, and outline how I will transition into a BSN role using the standards put in place by the American Nurses Association (ANA). In this paper I will consider specific standards of nursing practice as outlined by the ANA, and how these standards apply to reaching my objectives within the timeframe I established for myself. I will summarize the significance of these standards in relationship to becoming a professional nurse. Professional Identity Black (2014) states “the [educational] goal of socialization is the development of professionalism” (p. 118). My interpretation of Black’s statement is that by assembling a group of people together with the same goals, and by providing that group with the same training, education, and set of codified ethics or principles, you can assimilate that group of people into an established profession, or possibly create a new profession. One of sociologist Abraham Flexner’s criteria of a profession is that it “Has a strong internal organization of members and a well-developed group consciousness” (as cited in Black, 2014, p. 53.). Belonging to a like-minded group helps define an individual’s professional identity. The start of my professional identity as a nurse began in the Fall of 2010 when I began taking prerequisite courses for the associate of applied science – registered nursing [program]

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