A Short Note On Stop Counter Propaganda Of The Middle East

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Our Failure to Stop Counter Propaganda of the Middle East SGT Robert Jaramillo SFC Fleshman SFC Havrish ` The Root of Our Failure In 2003, when the United States of America invaded Iraq, they failed to understand the nation, its populace, and the methods in which anti-American propaganda would be delivered. Because of this short coming we encountered and to this day encounter several difficulties not only in Iraq but in the world abroad. One of the largest problems facing today’s war on terrorism, is the fact that the insurgent recruitment methods do not follow traditional means, as they use every form of media. During the ten years of operation in Iraq, there was an evolution of propaganda and its method of delivery. Additionally…show more content…
Originally George W. Bush was briefed not to “expect divisions within Iraq, non-conventional warfare, and a nationalism-fueled resistance” (Battle & Byrne, 2013). Additionally a memo, known as the Downing Street memo has surfaced and stated that "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy"(Rycroft, 2002). The last item that shows how flawed and incorrect our assumptions heading into Iraq were is a briefing that is known as the POLO STEP. The assumptions presented in the POLO STEP briefing were as follows. The provisional government would be in place by ‘D-Day’. Iraqi soldiers and civil servants would be reliable and have the fortitude to maintain their post. As well as the concept that post war operations would be over by December, 2006(Blaton & Battle, 2007). As illustrated above failure to perform proper planning, basing decisions on unfounded and erroneous assumptions about the operational environment, the duration of operations and the fortitude of the host nation citizens directly contributed to our failure to stop counter propaganda. Changes in Technology Another issue when looking at counter propaganda in Iraq is the delivery method that has been evolving over the years. In the begging of the war terrorist groups started out with printed propaganda and DVD’s in local markets. As time progressed, radio broadcast expressing anti-American views were being broadcast throughout the country at various locations and
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