A Short Note On The Disadvantages Of Diabetes Essay

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Title: The disadvantages of diabetes in adults Acknowledgements: I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Ergul Kara who has agreed to be interviewed by myself and helped providing essential information of the questionnaire. Keywords: diabetes, weight loss, insulin, glucose, stressed. Introduction: In this report, I will be writing about a male person who suffers from diabetes type 2. I did this report with a person who has type 2 diabetes. Someone with type 2 diabetes has insulin resistance, this means that their pancreas does not respond properly to insulin. It is mostly used for the body to succeed glucose, or sugar levels in the blood and to change glucose into energy. Ergul is fighting to improve his type 2 diabetes; he tried all the treatments to achieve the results, which he wants. Case Presentation: Ergul Kara, male, aged 38, a tailor who lives in London, was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in 2000. Ergul felt so tired and weak all the time. He was also continuously thirsty and his skin was itchy every time. He drinks 5-6 small cans of coca cola diet every day. When he realise the inconvenience of the diabetes type 2, he could not be sure. He decided to go to the GP to be sure; he was told that he has diabetes type 2 after the blood test. Ergul was not eating healthy foods because he lives lonely and does not know how to cook. In addition, he does not care about his health and type 2 diabetes and he does not get any support from anywhere. Review of

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