A Short Note On The, Hindu God, Country Of India

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IDENTIFY 18.9 SHIVA; HINDU GOD; COUNTRY OF INDIA Sexual ecstasy as a metaphor for divine love is found in the art of the Hindus. ARTS OF CHINA TERRA COTTA: A ceramic ware, usually reddish, fired in the low temperature ranges and somewhat porous and fragile; earthenware. 18.14 Excavated figures from the “terra-cotta army” guarding the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin. CHINA. COUNTRY IN WHICH THEY WERE FOUND? EXAMPLE OF CHINESE LANDSCAPE PAINTING The overarching principles of nature and mankind’s harmony with nature are emphasized. 18.17 Travelers among mountains and streams. CHINA 11TH CENTURY CALLIGRAPHY: From the Greek for “beautiful writing,” handwriting considered as an art, especially as practiced in China, Japan, and Islamic cultures. 18.21 Chinese porcelain plate. Porcelain plates made by the Chinese were decorated using blue because it was the only color that could survive the high heat of the kilns. ARTS OF JAPAN The indigenous religion of Japan is an ancient form of nature and ancestor worship called SHINTO. Page Ref: 320 IDENTIFY 18.34 UTAMARO. JAPAN. CHAPTER 19 THE ISLAMIC WORLD 19.1 Great Mosque is complete with a MINARET to mark the building 's location and allow the faithful to be called to prayer by a chanter. P. 330 Islamic art is unlike Western art because it prohibits figural art in a religious context. P. 329 19.3 Text of the Qur’an. This book illustrates the most respected form of Muslim calligraphy, the writing of the words of

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