A Short Story : A Story?

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Sleep had been hard to come by that night. Every time Gabriel closed his eyes, he saw Madeline’s tear-stricken face and it pained him to no end. So he spent most of the night occupying himself with studying the stars and doing his best to keep his mind off his problems. The stars had always helped him with that all his life. A quiet knock sounded at his door, startling him out of his thoughts. At first, he thought it had been his imagination. But then he heard the knock again. Who would be knocking at his door at five a.m.? It certainly wasn’t Madeline. Gabriel opened the door and his eyebrows shot through the roof. “M-M-Madeline.” She hugged her arms tighter to her chest. “Can I come in?” He nodded and held the door open, afraid that his voice might fail him if he even tried to speak. Scenarios kept running through his mind about why she was here, but then it hit him. Duusu. “I-umm... Your kwami is out on the b-balcony with Nooroo. Umm… I’ll go get her.” When he started to turn, Madeline latched onto his hand and held him back, staring at the ground rather than up at him. “I didn’t come for Duusu. I just… I need you right now, Gabe.” He just stared back at her in surprise, at least until he started to feel like an idiot for being caught so off guard. So he ushered her to the couch and made her a cup of tea before sitting down next to her, careful to keep his distance. After all, she still looked unsure around him and he didn’t blame her one bit. “L-Look, I’m

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