A Short Story : A Story?

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“So you like this girl in your art class,” Momo reiterated, trying to grasp at what Mina said beforehand. Momo found that if Mina hadn’t spoken in a flustered jumble of words all strung together, they wouldn’t have gone through this painfully slow process. Mina nodded, eyes focused on the tray of food in front of her. “And this girl, she hasn’t acknowledged your existence, like at all?” Sana continued for Momo. The two japanese girls watched their friend nod again. “Yet you still want to try and court her?” Sana finished, eyeing the youngest out of the trio. Another nod. Momo bit her tongue as she silently pitied Mina. The younger girl has always had a problem talking to people, no doubt talking to people she has a crush on so approaching this situation would be fairy difficult. Momo sent a glance to Sana, a thousand words implemented into the quick look she gave the younger girl and immediately Sana nodded, understanding Momo immediately. Mina’s eyes darted in between the two of them, knowing they were communicating silently - most likely scheming ideas on how to get her and her crush together. While dumb and dumber attempted to plan out an elaborate set up, Mina daydreamed about said crush, her muses pulling her away from everything else. Truly, Mina thought the girl was ethereal in every way - how could a person be so perfect? Her hair would bounce whenever she walked; sometimes she would come in with a different hairstyle everyday and for someone who had

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