A Short Story : A Story Of A Story

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AMULET Once upon a time there lived a family who was returning from a ceremony on a curvy mountain route. In the car, the family was chatting very loudly. “Emily get up. We are going t o reach our house”said Karen. Suddenly, the father was distracted and didn’t notice a sharp turn in the road. The car flipped and drove off the mountain, as the family screamed.

“Emily get out” said Emily's father David. “Now you go out Karen” said David. “David Come” said Emily’s mother Karen . “i can't come. My leg is stuck in the dashboard. I can’t move”. “David give me your hand”. David gave his hand to Karen but he is not moving. The car was dripping into the valley. “Karen, take care of Emily and Navin. Leave my hand, let go” said David. “David noah” said Karen. David pushed Karen and the car tripped in the valley and blasted.

After three years, the family moved to a house which was in the middle of the forest. When they opened the house. The house belongs to Emily’s grandfather. When they opened the door the house was very dusty. They started cleaning the house. While they were cleaning the house, Emily went to her grandfather’s study room. There she saw a book which was written ‘360 words’ on it. Beneath that it was written ‘Silas secrets’. Emily just touched the word ‘Silas’, a very big light came and an amulet appeared. Emily wore the Amulet and did not say to her mother because if she knows she will say to keep it back. It was night and all were sleeping after hard work. Then

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