A Short Story : A Story Of The Gardener '

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Time: Unknown The man turns and leaves. “HEY,” I scream. He turns around. “Take off your hood. Show yourself. What’s your name?” “It doesn’t matter. Hopefully, in 22 hours, I wouldn’t have to see you again,” the stranger tells me. As he walks away I notice that he has a limp. When he was talking I also noticed that he had a slight southern accent. Wait! “YOU, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Your our gardener. You were on my lawn that day, trimming my bushes. You said you were finding odd jobs here and there and being our gardener is one of those odd jobs isn’t. B- but I don’t understand, why me?” “Oh, what a smart girl. You figured out who I am. The day I was at your house trimming your bushes your mom came out of the house saying you weren’t feeling well so you were staying home from school today. I thought oh poor girl, she gets to sit in her bed and do nothing while people are working their buts off. At that moment I knew you were my victim. I knew your parents loved you to death so they would give me the money no problem, but I seem to be wrong. I guess your parents don’t love you as much as I thought.” Suddenly very, very angry,” You shut your mouth right now, you don’t know what you're saying. My parents love me with all their heart. They just don't have the ridiculous amount of money your asking for.” “Silly child, don’t make me angry. I have your life in my hands. Your parents give me the money or you die, that’s that. Time’s ticking. Again, I want to end this peacefully.

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