A Short Story : A Story?

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The sky was like an array of colors just begging to be seen. I could feel it calling to me. “Maddie...Maddie…” It was a beautiful March evening. The sky was still blue outside with fluffy pillow-like clouds. I was so eager to go outside that I choked down my food. “Come on, Megan!” I pleaded for my sister to hurry up and finish her dinner. She shoveled the last bit of dinner in her mouth and put her dishes away. “Come on, come on, let’s go!” I eagerly pulled on her sleeve. “Okay, okay,” my sister said, a bit of irritation in her voice. We both teared out the front door. One of our favorite things to do was dig for worms in my mom’s garden. We swiftly went to the garage and picked up the small shovels my mom allowed us to use. “Wait, these never work very well,” I groaned to my sister. “Mom said the bigger one was off limits though,” she said raising an eyebrow. “We’ll be careful though, right?” I said begging to my sister. “Well...fine,” She said finally caving in. I diligently picked up the shovel, wobbling under it’s weight. It was a foot or two taller than me and had a huge metal head with a pointed tip. I looked at it, intimidated. “Now, you give that to me,” my sister scolded. I hesitantly handed her the shovel, pointedly rolling my eyes at her. We got to the garden, our favorite spot of the yard to dig in. The soil in the garden was the most rich, which means that was the worms most favorite spot. My sister started hauling dirt onto the grass while I

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