A Short Story : A Story?

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‘He was pushing the bushes and tree branches to the side, making his way through the cold and dark forest.’ Said grandma Lizzie. ‘It was fine until,’ she lifted her arm and… ‘OUCH! Snake bite!’ screamed grandma hitting the wooden table. Amanda and Stephen jumped back scared, as the loud bang echoed inside their ears. Suddenly, loud thunder storms started, and the clouds started heavily crying. Moments later the windows opened and let the cold air inside. ‘What’s going on?’ cried Stephen. ‘It shouldn’t be this cold, it’s summer.’ Stephen was confused. Everyone was confused. ‘I remember this happened to your father one time’ mentioned grandma, stroking her chin. ‘It was all over the newspapers and radios’. Grandma rushed to her room and came back with a small tin box. There were cut outs about an old article and pictures of Amanda and Stephen’s father. ‘Someone had sent a missile towards the sun,’ explained Lizzie, as she flipped through the cut outs. ‘the weather changed, and your father was sent out to stop whoever did this. Now it’s happening again.’. Amanda stood up and quickly glanced out the window. ‘I can do this!’ said Amanda, with a confident look on her face. ‘If dad did it, I can do it!’ Grandma Lizzie shook her head and stared at the ground in disagreement. Amanda’s dad died when he tried to stop whoever changed the seasons, Lizzie didn’t want the same to happen with her only grandchildren. ‘She won’t do it by herself.’ Stephen stood up with Amanda. The day
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