A Short Story : I Like It Out?

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I like it here. Can I stay? Clemmie did not intend to blurt that out, although she meant every word. Out of nowhere, comforting arms held her close in an embrace, yet, she didn’t need to raise her head to guess who it was, since the faint whiff of rose scent gave her away. The smell she most associated with Harmonie.
Doctor Pax said, ‘You can stay forever, besides, this is your home now.’
‘Can I join in?' asked Mosaic. After he squeezed past Doctor Pax, he pulled both girls into his arms and tickled under their arms which made them scream in delight.
For a while, Doctor Pax stood poised at the door with a smile on his face. ‘Clemmie, change your clothes behind the silk screen in my study. As for you, Mosaic, stop flirting with my secretary …show more content…

‘ you believe so?’
‘Ahh, I didn’t mean to upset …’
‘Errr...shall we change the subject? This is the library...and next door is the snug’
Boffin's eyes lit up when he saw the room full of books, but it was next door which grabbed their attention the most. They put their head around the door and saw it was full of furniture. What a lovely place it would be on Christmas Day, full of presents, pantomimes, and a scented pine tree in the corner.
When they reached the foot of the staircase, Mosaic asked if they wanted to go up or down. ‘We’ve only got time for one, and not the other.’
‘Can we go down?’ asked Clemmie. Delicious smells wafted up from the kitchen and tickled her nose. When they went downstairs, they met the cook, who was, in fact, a large woman wearing an even larger apron. On her broad frame, she wore a blue frock with bright orange flowers.
'Hello, my lovelies, I’m Mrs Tiffin. Have you come to look around?' As she stirred a large pot on the stove, Clemmie peered over the rim, then, when Mrs Tiffin held up the wooden spoon, she blew on it, and offered it for Clemmie to taste.
Clemmie licked the spoon and her eyes lit up. 'Oh, yes! It's creamy.'
‘Well, Doctor Pax likes the same food, indeed he does, but I like to experiment with new recipes. So, today it’s porridge ice cream, and tomorrow it will be fish trifle. Now, who would like a cookie?’
‘What flavour?’ asked Kipp. ‘Are they baked beans and

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