A Short Story Of The Burj Khalif A Story?

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Finally, we were here. Leaning out, I stepped out of the car. The heat hit me like a bullet. This was expected because living in Dubai, U.A.E. meant that a person would be bathing in sweat the moment they stepped outside from their shelters.

I could feel my black hair sticking to my head and my loose shirt already clinging to my back. Looking up, I see multiple towering skyscrapers piercing the clouds like a mighty sword. Followed by my family, I grabbed Ash’s hand, my cousin, and raced to see who would the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, first.

Entering the building, we all sighed in relief as the cold air in the building engulfed us like a cozy blanket. Standing in line to get to the top floor, we all pulled out our ice-cold water bottles and abd quenched our thirst.

“I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go bungee-jumping when we reach there!”, I said, turning around to face Ash.

“Oh! Look who’s talking. The girl who has the biggest fear of heights!”, she replied, raising her eyebrows.

Smirking, I said, “Ha! I’m not scared! Especially because you’ll be doing it with me”.

Hearing that, she lowered her head, avoiding my gaze. Ash has been the only cousin to whom I’ve opened up to. She knew my deepest darkest secrets and I knew hers. She has always been the one to protect me whenever our relatives criticize us. I knew she had my back and would be with me no matter what.

Confused by her actions, I perked my head over to see if
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