A Short Story : The Story Of A Glasses Man

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Story of Glasses Man

One day a knowledgeable man named Glasses Man the name of the main character,who lived in a small town in Texas. Found a crashed spaceship and went inside to look around. When he went inside he saw a big rock inside the spaceship and he took it home with him for research. Later that day two policemen found a similar spaceship. The two policemen went inside the spaceship and found a fist shape rock inside. The policeman took the spaceship and rock to the police station for inspection.
The policemen found out it was a special dust that gets forced together and made into a rock called space dust. A year ago a little rock of space dust was found in Florida by a scientist on vacation with his family. He sent it to his co-workers in the lab and they examined and called it space dust. They found out if some was put in the oil of engines it would be supercharged or make stuff last longer. When Glasses Man found out that the rock he found in the spaceship was called space dust and what it can do he started experimenting.
He started doing tests like what it would do if mixed with liquids and he made mice drink it and nothing happened to them after lots of tests so Glasses Man wanted to see if a human drank it,if anything would happen. Glasses Man drank some of the liquid that had space dust in it. After that he started to get a really bad headache and he went to bed to take a nap hoping he would feel better when he woke up. The next morning Glasses Man’s two

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