A Short Story : The Story Of Genisus Stockwood

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This is the story of the well-known Genisus Stockwood. They say she fell asleep for 20 whole years!! Genisus was the most sweetest, goofiest girl you could’ve ever met. I’m not sure how her story came about so I can’t tell it to you like it was. I figure there’s no one who can tell it to you better than Genisus herself. Here we go again.. You’re probably wondering how in the world my story came about. Well I’m about to tell you. I, Genisus Stockwood had fallen asleep for 20 years!!! Now I know that might sound crazy but it’s true. Everyone assumes I’m making up some crazy story but I’m not! I’m telling you something was off about those kids. Ahh that probably didn’t make any kind of sense to you so let me start from the beginning. It was just a normal day, you know sunny skies, birds chirping. That kind of day. Well I was bored out of my mind. Plus I was on the verge of choking my little sister Daisy. I HAD to get out of the house for awhile. This is how it all started. Daisy: ‘’Genisus you’re about dumb as a box of rocks’’ Me: “OMG DAISY LEAVE ME ALONE OR I SWEAR’’ Daisy: ‘’Or else what? You’re not gonna do a thing’’ Me: “Well keep bothering me and you’re gonna find out!” It was pretty much just us arguing for about 15 minutes, it gets pretty intense but we’re just gonna leave that part out. My mom’s name is Marge. Me: “Mom I’m going to go find something to do. I won’t be far”. Mom: “Okay be back by 8” Me: ‘’Yes

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