A Six Sigma Case Study

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A Six Sigma case study has been performed on an IT call center by the author David L. Hallowell. The primary focus of the project is to increase the profitability of the company by using the DMAIC methodology. IT businesses these days realized that the best way to get in contact with its customers is by improving their call center customer care services. That is why the senior managers of the company have decided to tackle the issues faced by the call center by giving their Six Sigma DMAIC group a suitable project to take on. A lot of data has been gathered by the company after performing the project and the assessment of the data can be done to improve on their services. For any company to perform well in the market, it has to be at least on par with its competitors, if not better. The DMAIC technique is a powerful tool to get important information about the company and using these details, appropriate changes can be implemented.

The author states that the performance of a company cannot be considered as good if it is not on par with its competitors. For example, the present company has a customer satisfaction rating of 73%, whereas the average company has 76% and the top company has 87% out of a hundred. These statistics prove that the even though the present company is good, it is still not on par with the top company and that it requires further improvement to hold a good market value. The support costs per call can be considered good only when compared to the best
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