Application Of Six Sigma Process Optimization Techniques Essay

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The IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the present world. The high competition leads to leads to a increased availability of service providers. This affects the proportion of service providers; therefore, due to the effect of the higher suppliers, there is an effect of price elasticity on supply seen in the IT industry. The price elasticity of supply has resulted in the lowered price of the service provided, compared to the other competing companies in the given market domain. The effect of “Price Elasticity on Supply (PES)” even propagates to the quality of the service provided, i.e., the company has to offer the best services at the lower prices, when compared to contemporary companies. This pushes the companies into a corner, where they have to put up their best performance in the least time and financial cost, while ensuring better customer satisfaction.
The IT center case study is primarily focused on the application of Six Sigma process optimization techniques to the above addressed problem of PES. There ae two types of Six Sigma optimization techniques, namely DMAIC & DMADV. The method Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control (DMAIC) is used in case where a problem is identified and the Six Sigma tools are employed on it for optimization of the process. The IT case employs the DMAIC tools for improving the quality of the service provided to the customers.
The DMAIC methodology of six sigma defines the issues affecting the company in great
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