A Small Act Analysis

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In the film, “A Small Act”, there was a variety of social justice issues and conflicts. Seeing as social justice refers to equal opportunities and privileges within society, there are many issues displayed throughout this documentary. Not every child in the film is able to afford an education as it is expensive to complete elementary and secondary school, despite a hunger to learn. Students who are eager to learn lose that opportunity because of their family’s inability to pay for their education, while other students who have the money or live in other parts of the world have this privilege. Another unjust situation shown in the film is that some of the students cannot afford to pay for a home or electricity. Instead of putting their money towards improved living conditions, the money is put towards the children’s education, in hopes of a better future. Despite these sacrifices, the child is unable to afford to finish secondary school. Also, students without electricity or a home have a more difficult time studying as they are unable to do so once the sun goes down. One of the children in the film was unable to attend school as their mother was deathly ill and there was no one to care for her nor was there wasn’t enough money for a doctor. Without a scholarship, the student would not be able to pay for his education as the mother needed the money to pay for her medication. In an attempt to aid these students and give them a just chance, the Hilde Back Foundation was
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