A Small Town About Twenty Miles Out Of San Francisco

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In a small town about twenty miles out of San Francisco, there lived a girl named Megan. Megan was just an ordinary 16-year-old. She was the only child of Debby and Max Watson. She had a boyfriend named Duke, who she thought was the sweetest guy ever to exist. Megan and her mother, Debby, shared a special bond that no one else had, not even her and her boyfriend. Megan and her mother looked significantly alike. Megan and her mother both had beige blonde hair with light blue-green eyes. They were alike in ways other than physical appearance, too. They had their differences in life but they were two peas in a pod. Megan felt like she could tell her mother anything and everything, but all that would change in the matter of one day.
I slammed the door shut behind me as I flopped on my bed. Mom and I had the biggest argument ever. I knew that dad had been cheating for awhile now. He begged me to tell her that it was a one time thing. The funny thing about all of this is that I actually believed him. It didn’t happen again for awhile and just when I thought things changed between us, he does it again. That was my last straw. I told mom and she tried to tell me that their marriage was fine and nothing could tear them apart. She told me, “Your father cheating on me isn’t the thing that is going to tear apart our marriage.” I didn’t know what she meant, but I had nothing else to say to her.
I heard a knock on the door a few minutes later. Mom asked me to open the door so we could

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