A Small Town Analysis

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Where I grew up
The small town of dill city is where I grew up and spent all of my life in the same house. I cant complain about the peaceful little town of dill city. Nothing to interesting happens here so you don’t have to worry about much. But not much goes on I western Oklahoma anyways. You normally have to drive an hour or so to find anything interesting and fun things to do. But you can usually call a couple of friends to hangout with and usually have a pretty good time. Friends are the best thing about growing up in a small town, they become brothers and sisters to you and eventually become family.
The neighbors here in dill city are not your average people that you see on your everyday bases. These people are the best and would do anything for someone. The town has some shady parts in it but what town doesn’t have its flaws. Dill city isn’t much anymore but my oldest neighbor Ralph Ensey has a bunch to say about this little town. He said
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It has some of the most beautiful sights that you cant see everywhere else. It has one of the prettiest sunsets that you cant miss. It has some very wonderful grass plains that look like the ocean when the wind blows. And we can see forever out in this area. We have such pretty sky’s and wonderful clouds. This area of Oklahoma the world has much of an odd beauty that only certain people can take in. some people just overlook the prettiest things in life and never take in the natural beauty in things
All in all I wouldn’t want to grow up in any other community other than this one. No other place would feel as much like home as any other one would. I just cant say enough about this wonderful and caring community. They provide so much love and care and I couldn’t have made it this far without them. The teachers here care so much for their students but sometimes don’t always understand quite what we go through when some of us have homework and have a job at the same time after
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