Benefits Of Small Town Living

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Growing up in a very little town in Illinois was a lot different than growing up in Houston, Texas. When I was in the fourth grade I found many things to have changed about my surroundings, I currently lived in a place where, the people thought and acted differently. I know now reading about it and understanding more that some of those changes were for the good and some were not. Small town living has its advantages such as, very close friendships, close approximately to may things, and friendly people. Looking back, I also realized that there were a lot of disadvantages such as lack of transportation, affects of a poor education, no opportunities for growth, crime, no diversity, and low paying jobs and housing. Now that I am older, and aware of the affects of living in a small town, I can see how these many things affected my life and will continue affect it in the future. I grew up, the majority of my live, in a town in central Illinois, Kincaid, or better known as South Fork because of the co-op with the schools around us in sports. This town is approximately 20 miles southeast of Springfield, and is only seven miles west from the nearest town, with many opportunities that my town did not offer (City-data). With a total population of 1,495, including the town of Tovey about a mile away, as of July 1, 2015 Kincaid is ranked as number 587 of 1,367 as being a small town in Illinois (Kincaid, IL). Kincaid is only about 0.62 square miles in land areas, and is located in
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