A Song Or A Life?

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A Song or A Life? Picture a loving family; it has a mother, father and a couple of kids with a pet. They live in a beautiful house and both parents have good jobs and the children do academically well; everything in their lives are prefect. Until the mother and father find out that they both have not been faithful and get a divorce, which leads the kids to feel guilt and anger about it, and strail out of control. The daughter starts to fail classes, and then becomes pregnant at a young age. The son becomes rebellious, starts to use drugs and runs away. This situation is something that happens more often than not; families have their share of struggle, and can have different outcomes. When people think about the idea of the family the first things that come to mind are a happy home with everything. But that is not case with some; as most families have issues with their family members. With the difference between writing a song and building a life is that with the The Last Song Ronnie was able to repair the conflict in her family with the song; this connect her with her father and had a better relationship with him. As for building a family the priority of that is making a stable life for oneself. In this discussion is to choose between what is better; writing a song or building a house.
In the movie The Last Song the main character Ronnie is visiting her father over the summer along with her brother. At the beginning of the movie Ronnie is a troubled teen and she did not
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