A Special Last Night By Diane Sawyer

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Most of the humans in the world live on just a couple of dollars a day. In fact, I watched a special last night where Diane Sawyer exposes the startling working middle-class struggle in America. The show followed several middle-class Americans struggling to support their families and trying to make ends meet. The recent economic struggles have seen the layoff of several employees in companies and even some in public service. It is, however, significant to realize that since every business and or sector is different, there must be various criteria used when laying off employees. The general rule is that it must be justified and fairness considered across the board. You would apply organizational planning, theories of human motivation, …show more content…

Therefore, because of prioritized staffing, I will reduce the other departments carefully considering the work done by each department. The focus for layoff would be in certain job positions like secretary or assistant. Laying off individual police Captain 's secretaries might not be a popular decision and could cause more work for some of the departmental leaders, but that would be the first resource to lose. That means if there are five secretaries or assistants, I will lay off four of them and leave only one. Making that position for the entire department and not just one indivdual. I would eliminate the position of office messenger because most of the communications happen online and most departments have Wi-Fi. Another thought is to offer and early retirement option. Early retirement could hopefully generate some stimulus, and it may be able to get at least three to four officers to retire early. Offering early retirement can identify persons willing to take retirement and give them a retirement package with full benefits (George, 2003). Thereby ensuring federal laws of age discrimination are not a factor.

Completing the plan takes insight. You must be a realist and deal with the ethical issues that may arise. It is most certain that in any working environment, especially if you have been there a while, you tend to build close and trusting relationships with your coworkers. Even as a leader you have those employees that stand out. It is also

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