A Speech On Education And Language Arts

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It has been an honor to work with your son and to get to know your family. As the 2016-2017 school year begins, I am I very excited and looking forward to witnessing the many wonderful educational milestones that Bill will face. We as a team; will work together to create a world where Bill can flourish. As noted in previous communications, Bill is developmentally behind his chronological peers. Presently, Bill eats lunch and participates in all specials. He has shown interest in gym and math. Even though Bill is not on grade level in math, he enjoys the subject matter and strives to do his best. He demonstrates great difficulty in the fundamentals of science and language arts. During free time, Bill struggles with peers interactions during free time. With Bill struggles in areas that will affect his future education and I would like for us to build activities and provide accommodations to help Bill continue to progress. Language and Symbols Bill will turn towards the speaker when called upon which demonstrates that he recognizes his name. When communicating to others, Bill will speak in short, 4 words or less, sentences clearly but prefers to use 1-2 phrases to answer. Bill does have a healthy vocabulary of over 100 words but struggles verbally answering open ended questions. Conversations with his peers are often followed silently on the "side line". He communicates more with the use with facial expressions and has a very calm demeanor. As Bill expands his vocabulary

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