Case Study : High Level Autistic Disorder

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Unit 9 Project Case Study Tommy R. – High Level Autistic Disorder Danielle Treslan PS520: Neuropsychology Prof: Steve Lazarre 06/11/2015 Tommy R. a Case Study and Neurological Assessment Analysis Tommy R. is a 6-year-old boy and a kindergarten student in a K-8 combined elementary and junior high school in the San Jose greater metropolitan area. There has been a meeting requested by his educational team and parents to talk about his behavior in school and cognitive abilities in the classroom. School staff have been receiving complaints from Tommy’s teacher and classroom staff about not following direction and non-compliance. Tommy also struggles with completing some classroom tasks as well. Tommy’s mom is very informative on his past issues and present concerns she has. His father is a little out of the loop and may be in denial over his son having an impairment like High Functioning Autism. Tommy is a child with some aggressive behaviors toward others and sometimes does not transition well to new tasks. He is isolated, does not share and likes to keep to himself. He has had instances of aggressive behavior towards the other children in his class. Tommy’s educational team has provided some information that will be very helpful in determining where we go next with his behaviors. The staff have specific issues with him during circle time. He is non-compliant and non-engaged during this time. It was said that Tommy has limited attention abilities and has a hard

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