Specific Learning Disability Report

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Bryce is an 18 year old male who struggles academically due to a Specific Learning Disability in reading, writing and math. Due to Bryce’s Specific Learning Disabilities he exhibits weakness in all academic areas which include; reading, reading comprehension, reading fluency, written expression, math calculations and math problem solving abilities. In high school, Bryce received special education accommodations in all academic areas, and he received Speech and Language Services to support him with his Specific Learning Disability. Bryce recently graduated from the Renascence High School in Springfield Massachusetts. This fall Bryce plans on attending Springfield Technical Community College with a vocational goal of receiving …show more content…

He has a 4GB 64 Bit laptop which is not in good condition. The laptop does not stay intact and it is missing buttons. He does not have a printer.
Reading: Bryce states he can read, but reads at a slow rate. He continued to say he loses his place when reading, and he is able to understand the material better if it is read to him. Bryce had accommodations which allowed him to have a test administrator. Bryce was shown the Kurzweil 3000 and Read and Write Gold, two literacy software programs, which will provide support necessary for him to be successful. He appreciated that the material was read back to him while highlighting each word. This will help Bryce to maintain focus. Another feature of these programs would be to allow Bryce to use highlighters, sticky notes and extraction tools to assist him with studying. Bryce found the writing path feature within the Kurzweil program to be exceptionally helpful. Having the writing templates will help Bryce break down his writing assignments into smaller, more manageable chunks, allowing him to stay focused and on task. The brainstorming templates could also help Bryce with organizing his thoughts during the writing process. The ATS is recommending Bryce is provided with the Kurzweil program for reading and writing. Please note; Kurzweil 3000 is the recommended program at Springfield Technical Community College for reading and writing. Bryce will need an All in One Printer to scan material into his computer when a digital format is not provided. Bryce’s phone does not have adequate storage to download audio books, nor can it accept additional storage. For this reason the ATS is recommending a 32 SD card iPod so Bryce can upload his books in an MP3 format for access when he is not at his

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