A Speech On The Mind And Practice

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It is my great privilege to stand here today, looking out at the bright and smiling faces of so many of my fellow students. We are here to celebrate something special. We are here to celebrate the fulfillment of eight hundred and forty hopes. We are here to celebrate the realization of eight hundred and forty dreams. Class of 2017, congratulations!

My fellow graduate engineers, I must first apologize on behalf of each of your respective curricula for depriving you of sleeping, keeping you away from friends, and essentially stealing your souls. I am sorry. I know that after years of differential equations, Laplace transforms, circuit analysis, flux capacitors and MOSFET transistors, your brains’ damage must be close to the point of no …show more content…

Four hundred eighty six thousand is the number of alumni Rutgers has. Sixty six thousand and thirteen is the number of currently attending students. Fifty thousand undergraduates from fifty states and hundred and fifteen countries. Fourteen thousand is the number of faculty members. Rutgers also has Fourty six successful startups, 50 buses, and one Robert Barchi.

Now let’s be a little bit more specific: One – the number of people it takes to make a difference. As a Resident Assistant at Mattia Hall I was honored to support, assist and mentor hundreds of freshmen engineering students. I discovered that with my experience alone I could guide and direct my residents to a better future. Six – the number of times I threw up after late night take-out food. Nine – the number of Facebook notifications all of us get each day from different Rutgers groups. Those include the 3AM occasional weird meme and the tons of lost ID posts. Zero – the amount of knowledge I had about football when I first got here. As an international student whose country refers to football as a completely different sport, I had ask my friends questions like “Michigen who? That should be an easy game” and “Penn State? Aren’t they great?” I was amazed to see thousands of people congregating weekly to see red dots smashing into each other violently. I was also amazed to see grown adults often breaking into tears to the sight of Rutgers losing a game.

Zero is

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