A Stable Home Background With Parents Essay

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A stable home background with parents positively encouraging their child’s best education is one of the most important factors that is necessary for a child’s academic success. Parents are perhaps the biggest influences on a child or student’s life. When it comes to education, parents are able to positively and negatively encourage a child in school. Parents who positively support their children generally will have students who enjoy and understand the importance of school. Children who had negative parental influence generally become students who are less likely to appreciate school and more likely to not graduate. Some may argue that socioeconomic status is more important than parental involvement. However, socioeconomic status seems to be a factor/barrier on parental involvement and can potentially cause strain on a parent’s ability to help their child. In Mark Coleman’s research of schools, the financial resources of a student were not as important as the children’s home background in their academic success (Whatever it…). In Patricia Garrett-Peters’ study of the stability of households, she found the stability of households to play a greater influence on academic performance than socioeconomic status. However, through continual positive support in a child’s life, parents are able to better guide children to create long-term engagement in school which can ultimately affect how the student performs throughout his/her academic career. In households where parents showed

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