A Study Led By David T. Lykken

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Through this long process personality became more and more complex. (Nettle, 2006)
In the past people relied on their instincts, which were based on physical state of body, and a great deal of what happens in our body depends on genes, which are responsible for the proteins produced in the body, carrying out chemical reactions and regulating all the physical responses. (Kent, 2013) Therefore the researchers had an appropriate speculation that basis of personality may be genetically inherited.
Studies of behavioural genetics implied that differences in personalities are result entirely of genes and non-shared environment. (Borkenau, Riemann, Angleitner, & Spinath, 2001)
In a study led by David T. Lykken in Minnesota, they explored the similarity of identical twins reared together and apart and compared these results to similarity of fraternal twins reared together. They assessed their personalities using a personality questioner, which are usually self-report, asking participants to what extent certain personality describes them.
The median correlation of identical twins growing up together was 0.52 and it was closely followed by median correlation of identical twins reared apart, which scored 0.49. This means that variable of being a twin and being similar was positively correlated in both cases although twins reared apart live in different environment. Results suggest that shared environment doesn’t really account for the differences in twins. Furthermore results of

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