A Study On Engineering And Mechanical Engineering

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The purpose of this study is to learn more about engineering and especially mechanical engineering because it is going to be my degree. This text is divided into three parts, part A describes my degree choice, why I chose it and what I am hoping to be in the future. Part B will be a comparison between LJMU and the University of Liverpool, also it will provide an information about a lecturer in LJMU. Part C will compare and contrast two types of internal combustion engines. Part A I am interested in studying engineering especially mechanical engineering which is the subject of teaching the understanding of the principles of engineering such as forces and how they affect substances, the functionality of systems and how they work, manufacturing of tools, devices, machines and their parts with different sizes, shapes and different functions, and operation of mechanical systems. There are several career options for mechanical engineers like an automotive engineer, design engineer, control and instrumentation engineer, maintenance engineer and mechanical engineer. My career choice is to be an automotive engineer who is involved in designing whole vehicles, manufacturing and operating. I chose to be an automotive engineer because basically I like everything that is related to cars, from preparing them to building them from scratch and I love cars in general. I chose mechanical engineering because, firstly I followed my father’s advice, he said that engineers need to be creative and
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