A Study On Exercise Training Program Based On Minimum Weekly Frequencies

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Quantitative Research Critique
The study “Exercise training program based on minimum weekly frequencies: effects on blood pressure and physical fitness in elderly hypertensive patients,” authored by De Moraes et al. is a quasi-experimental, non-controlled, quantitative study. The study took place in at the Luíza Távora Community Center in Brazil and studies how less frequent, lower intensity exercise programs can affect an elderly hypertensive patient’s blood pressure, physical fitness, and functional ability. One of the main causes of death in Brazil are cardiovascular diseases; hypertension is a significant risk factor for these and needs to be monitored, controlled, and hopefully lowered in order to reduce the morbidity …show more content…

Demographic variables in the study include age, gender, and socioeconomic class. No extraneous or confounding variables were mentioned in the article; some of the exclusion criteria were included in an effort to remove these types of variables from the study.
Problem and Purpose The research problem for this study is not clear, but can be assumed to be the lack of research on less intense and less frequent exercise programs and how they effects a person’s blood pressure, fitness level, and functional ability. The authors mentioned in the introduction that some studies had shown exercise classes occurring less often to still have a significant decrease in the patient’s blood pressure. It seemed that the authors wanted to add another study to the small pool of research already having been conducted on this topic while also including how it can affect the functional ability. The purpose of this study was to determine how well a less strenuous, twice-weekly exercise training program would produce the desired effects. This is mentioned in the introduction to the research article; it is clearly stated and easily comprehended. The author not only explains the various ways that exercise can improve the dependent variables being studied, but also how much a high level of functional ability can improve a person’s quality of life; by being able to care for themselves, it allows them to live at home

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