Regulating Hypertension Through And Exercise Intervention

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Regulating Hypertension Through and Activity and Exercise Intervention The nursing process is an array of steps that provides a formulated structure for the professional nursing practice to adhere by in order to provide exquisite care for every patient (Ackley, Ladwig, & Makic, 2017, p. 2). It is used in a variety of nursing situations. The author will use this process to gather information from her family to analyze a problem within her own medical history. The risk for a disease is found using a genogram. Hypertension was determined to be the most prevalent disease based on the assessment of each family member and through her strengths and risks. Through the steps of the nursing process, the author will assess the disease entity …show more content…

These patterns assess an individual’s health status to see if there is a possible problem the may need the assistance of a nursing intervention. It uses the strengths found in a situation to aid in solving the identified problems (Gordon, 2008,1). The health pattern that will be addressed in this paper to help with the hypertension prevention is the Activity-Exercise Pattern. Although the Nutritional-Metabolic Pattern could be used as a health promotion intervention, the Activity-Exercise pattern is a more realistic way for the author to maintain a healthy blood pressure. The reason in which it would be harder to follow the Nutrition-Metabolic Pattern for the author is that there is no access to a kitchen, meaning that all of her food must be prepared for her, making it difficult to monitor her food intake. According to Gordon (2008), the Activity-Exercise Pattern is important for the reason that it is “one of the major activities of daily living. When challenged by illness, it can affect nearly all other health patterns” (p. 45). Physical fitness correlates with lowering the rate of obtaining hypertension. (Faselis et al., 2014).
Current Practice and Intervention The Activity- Exercise pattern was chosen because it is the most realistic way for the author to monitor her blood pressure. Currently the author exercises for about 45 minutes, 2 times a week. Through a family practice, the author has

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