A Study On The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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The Stanford Prison Experiment was a study done involving college students who were placed in a prison simulation and observed in the roles of both guards and prisoners. At the time of the study in 1971, it was a very controversial experiment, most likely due to both the nature of the experiment and the results, including the early dismissal of some of the students. In the following pages, this experiment will be examined from many different angles. The first angle that this paper will look at is taking a closer look at the introduction to the study. In general, the Stanford Prison Experiment was trying to explore the behavior inside of prisons and whether it is innate in people to react the way they do in the environment of the prison, or whether there is some personal quality that causes prisoners or guards to act the way they do behind prison walls. The main goal of the study of a prison simulation seemed to be to provide a basis of evidence for what causes aggressive or submissive behavior in the prison environment. In terms of what hypothesis the study was trying to support, it seemed to mainly be trying to either prove or disprove once and for all the dispositional hypothesis which blames the conditions of evil in the prisons on the prisoners, and, on the flip side, blames the evil in the prison on the guards. The people leading the experiment did not seem to take up one stance or another and only seemed to desire to prove or disprove the matter at hand
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