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Introduction In the Northcentral University’s (NCU) concept paper template, in the introduction part, it contains of (a) the presentation, (b) the issues’ statement, (c) the motivation behind the study, (d) the research inquiries, and (e) the speculations (Concept Paper: Template (CPT), 2013). While the presentation and the issue explanation do no consider the examination outline, the once more, (a) the reason proclamation, (b) the research inquiries, and (d) the theories do (CPT, 2013). The key’s meaning terms portion is included the exceptional terms (or words), which it has no subsections. This part could suggest that the examination plan dependent upon whether there are terms (or definitions) with respect to the configuration that must be lit up. The brief survey of the literature will have the same number of points and subjects as it is critical to ground the study. The literature review doesn’t a direct reference to the examination plan, yet rather it may join the data on the fitting studies that bear on the present subject. The research technique portion addresses the examination plan accurately, and it involves (a) the presentation of the proposed research strategy, (b) the conspicuous of the operational meanings of the variables, (c) the system for the estimation, and (d) the synopsis (or the summary). The reference portion of the concept paper doesn’t direct the reference outline, yet it will consolidate the articles alluded in the best possible areas that

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