A Summary Of Shackleton By Frank Worsley

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Are you a trustworthy member of your family? Are you the one who would go to great risks just so other members of your family can survive? Well, meet the crew of Shackleton. Members who supported Shackleton in a very dangerous expedition. Frank Worsley was a captain who was a great navigator. Worsley was a very patient person, in the booklet, it says that “Worsley would wait until the boat reached the top of the wave and the horizon came into sight, then shout Now!” (Pg. 98) One wrong estimate could’ve gotten them lost at sea if it wasn’t for Worsley’s braveness and patience. Shackleton also decided to take Worsley since he was “Capable of the navigating.” (Pg. 93) This meant that Worsley was a very trustworthy and resourceful person to have on an expedition like this. Then we have Tim McCarthy, a cheerful and steadfast man, despite all their troubles in the expedition. [Pg. 93]. He wasn’t afraid to express his emotion. In page. 103, McCarthy cried out, “Land ho!” once they saw a towering black mountain spotted with snow. We can see that he was in fact emotionally since he cried out, this was a very problematic expedition. With all the challenges they faced and how they used their determination and persistence coming from the start, until the end. Finally, we have Frank Wild, who was second in command of the expedition, to describe him, he was a very responsible and brave man who was placed in charge by Shackleton to take the men in the remaining two boats and try to save

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