A Summary Of The Chief Red Jacket

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Sagoyewatha also known as Chief Red Jacket was a Seneca orator and mediator who encouraged peace and neutrality between the white men (Christians) and the Seneca people as well as the U.S Government. Chief Red Jacket is most famously known as the writer and speaker of the Reply to the Missionary Jacob Cram in 1805. This speech is significant to American history because Red Jacket took a “separatist” position and stood up for his personal and Native peoples beliefs and represented their religion and identity in a peaceful yet firm manner. Chief Red Jackets reply to Missionary Jacob Cram is still important and relevant to modern day American society. Though it has been two hundred years since Red Jackets speech was announced and published we Americans are still fighting with one another for equality and understanding in racial, religious, political, and social issues. Seneca Chief Red Jacket was honorably presented with a large silver Indian Peace Medal by President George Washington for his assistance in creating peace and a constructive relationship/friendship between the Six Nations of Indians and the Americans. Though Red Jacket was a powerful and important Chief some of his fellow Indian people criticized him and shared their disapproval for him and decisions he made. They felt Red Jacket was two-timing. During the American Revolution, Red Jacket alongside other Native Indian nations supported the British and during the War of 1812 he endeavored to influence his people

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