A Summary On Getting Around A Car

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Getting around is important for people who have plans set out for the day and have to get someone at a specific time. And today there are a few ways for a person to get around want using a car, bus, or train. Some people choose to use the taxi service Uber if they need a quick ride or are out of a car. Uber is a taxi service that allows a person to use their application to hail a ride. Using the application, a person can choose who they want to drive them and see how long it will take for the driver to pick them up.
Compared to people using buses, trains, or older taxi services to get to where they need to be using Uber has a better chance. Uber uses real time within their application so their customers can see where the driver …show more content…

When it comes to transportation quick, easy, and cheap, Uber is the choice. The Uber application is a transportation service that stands out among the rest. What makes Uber stands out is that it is cheaper, able to help those with disabilities, has helped with reducing drunk driving incidents, has GPS, and helped with amber alters. Uber has the safety what is needed for transportation and helps with safety. In this day and age, people worry about their safety and transportation is where someone and their belongings are vulnerable. With Uber, people and their belongings are more secure in getting to their destination at a cheap price. Uber is usable for anyone with a phone to use is some people top choice to use for a ride.
Previous Approaches
Transportation services that are being used are standard taxi services, buses, and trains. The two problems with common taxi services are the cost and security. Taxi services prices are more expensive and if someone is looking to save up money that is not that way to go. There are also cases of taxi drivers assaulting customers, often lone women.
The downside of using buses and trains would be a lack of privacy, little personal security, chances of theft, and chances of racial or sexual harassment. With so many people sharing a confined space, no one has privacy on a bus or train. If anyone want to harm someone then a bus or train provides an easy setting. A lot of theft and robbery also take place on moving

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