A Summary On War

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War. A word that best describes two combatants fighting, clawing, trying to get the upper hand over one another. War is what has ravaged my land for years now. My country was once rich in resources; never short of money. But then terrorism struck, leaving the United Nations devastated after a single bombing run in 2042. It killed three to four thousand men, women, and children. This started World War III, countries took sides, nations where split, riots broke out in the streets and nuclear bombs ravaged lands leaving craters of ash and radiation. In 2052, ten years later, the war ended, people in the streets celebrated that after ten long years of fighting it all just stopped. In 2053 the king of England declared the new world
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He sighed again as he leaned forward grabbing another set of files. Maybe this will be different. He said those last few words in a tone that indicated that he did not believe his own words.

Chapter 1
Suddenly Ben Dawson burst in through the office door, his face became grim the moment that his jaw dropped to start a sentence but Elliot stopped him.
Ah good to see you again Private Dawson, I see that you have had your face looked at since the accident. Dawson grinned, everyone new that this was Admiral Johnson, but he proffered Elliot to his rank in the New Nations naval forces. Yes, Elliot, the young man was grinning ear from ear. But his face grew grim once again as he resumed speaking. Three Tatarri war class frigates have been picked up in our sling space scanner.
‘Perfect’, Elliot replied. ‘What was their last recorded trajectory?’
In short, our way. Soon we are going to be dealing with three Tatarri war class ships. The ship under Elliot’s command was named The Hunter, it was named this as a result of the best weaponry and engines available to the New Nations navy, being fitted into one ship.
Will we be able to outrun them? Dawson asked.
No. Elliot said shaking his low hung head. The Hunters fast but not quite sling space fast. We should be able to put up a fight, a hell of a fight. Dawson, I need you to contact my brother Captain Johnson. He should be able to use the sling space rings outside the planet Banthamere. Tell him to mobilize his
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