Community Windshield Survey

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Community Windshield Survey
Monica Feinberg
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Hyacinth Carreon
April 28, 2013

Community Windshield Survey
The community I have chosen for this paper is The South ward of Newark, New Jersey where the hospital which I work is located. Newark is an urban community consists of primarily of African American and Hispanic population. The South Ward of Newark and contains 17 public schools, five daycare centers, three branch libraries, one police precinct, and three fire houses (City of Newark New Jersey, 2013). The city’s property and violet crime levels tend to be higher than New Jersey’s average level (Newark, NJ Profile, 2013). Observation of this community through a window …show more content…

I noticed a significant amount of trash along the sidewalks and streets. The roads and sidewalks were in need of repair in some areas which was evident by potholes and cracks. I also noticed a food vender cart serving unhealthy food to a large group of people who seemed to be attracted toward this type of food. Other food venues in the area, mainly take out restaurants, were also unhealthy food in nature such as fried chicken.
Social observations include large groups of young and

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