A Swot Analysis Of K3 Is The Threats Essay

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The final area that we need to examine for the SWOT analysis of K3 is the threats. The obvious threats to K3 are the other two competitors, MITT and The Batter’s Box. The fact that they have both in business longer and are a little more centrally located means that people will continue to flock to them and what the know than drive out of their way to go to a new facility where they are unsure what kind of service they will get for their money. Furthermore, these two businesses may have more capital at the current moment to branch out and conduct more training clinics or even purchase a bigger facility or expand their current one to compete with K3. Another threat in the area is the local economy, as a state Illinois is not doing well economically, and Belleville and the smaller surrounding towns have been hit hard the last few years. This economic downturn could mean that fewer people could afford to take their youth to get specialized baseball lessons. One final threat could be new competition. There are several baseball training facilities not too far away in downtown St. Louis that have big name MLB players backing them. If one of these facilities were to choose to spread out and move into the local area, this could have a dramatic impact on not just K3 but other local training facilities as well. With the amount of capital K3 currently has they would be able to purchase a larger facility than K3 and as successful as they have been in St. Louis they could their already

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