A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

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The holocaust was one of the low points in the history of mankind anywhere from 8,437,000 to 12,702,000 people were executed in the period of 1942-1945. That is killing 2,109,250 to 3,175,500 people a year! A majority of the people familiar with the Holocaust think that only Jewish people were persecuted when in fact there were many more groups of people, these groups included Slavs, Serbs, Soviet POWs, Romani people, colored people, the disabled, homosexuals, Freemasons, Spanish republicans, Gypsies, the mentally ill, and Jehovah's witnesses. These people were executed because they proposed a threat to the Great Nation, taking up space and land that Germany needed, were believed to be the cause of a problem, the wrong political, racial, religious reasons, distrust, suspicion, not being genetically pure, contrary wholesome popular sentiment, having Jewish ideology, refusing to pledge to German alliance, having succumbed to the Jews, or being in France when it fell. The Nazis were a horribly corrupted group that was looking for answers and a way to rebuild after the devastation of WWI. Hitler realized that as long as he had some sort of answer to the cause of Germany's new debt, and a powerful group on his side he could convince the rests of Germany to agree with his views. This is why the Jewish group is the most mourned of all that were persecuted, because they were the primary scapegoat of the German's problems. In my eyes the Jewish group shouldn't be seen as the only

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