A Theoretical Knowledge Of How Organisations Engage Developing Talented Individuals

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The aim of this assignment is to show a theoretical knowledge of how organisations engage in finding and developing talented individuals. The first part of the assignment concentrates on the methods of recruitment that organisations use in finding talented staff and the second part focuses on methods used to select these individuals.
Recruiting and selection plays a vital part in shaping the effectiveness and performance of an organisation as these depend on making a good hire and a bad hire could prompt to increase in staff turnover and lower employee morale (Acas, 2012).
According to Weightman (2004, p. 107), “recruitment is the business of attracting suitable candidates for …show more content…

Taylor (2008, p. 244) states that graduate recruitment is very time consuming and costly as “it averages in excess of £5000 per person recruited through graduate programs” most of the time and money is spent on sending organisation representatives to talk to various students, staff and stand on career fairs. According to Association of Graduate Recruiters cited by graduaterecruitmentbureau (2015) graduates are proven return on investment as they contribute £1 billion of added value to the economy annually as well as their salaries are lower than the experienced staff, thus making it one of the most effective ways for the organisation to find talented individuals.
According to Weightman (2004, p. 108), “the complexity and permanence of the job will be reflected in the nature of the selection process” thus straight forward job would have a simple procedure, whereas complex job would have various stages in the selection process.
Premuzi and Chamorro (2010) suggest that interviews are crucial and central part of the selection process. It is the most frequent techniques in the selection decision. A recent study shows interview is used in more than 90% of the selected assignment (Roberts 2005, p. 122), Thereby making it more popular from the candidate

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