A Theory Of Justice And If Aristotle Ran General Motors

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Before a new business owner begins planning the logistics of their company, he/she must first identify what type of culture he/she will promote to its employees. This culture he/she creates will be central to the company’s identity. It will define the way in which its employees interact with each other, as well as how the company interacts with the outside world. A good, strong culture will attract new employees, partners, and customers, creating a business that is supported by the surrounding community. Whereas a bad, weak culture will cultivate a poor reputation in which the community does not support or care for the company’s success. If I were to create my own business I would attempt to create a culture in which the employees …show more content…
This type of work, creates a reputation within the community around the company, which would in turn, encourage returning customers as well as new customers to do business with the company. In order to effectively promote honesty within my business, it is important that this value is displayed by myself, and the other top executives of my company. This type of behavior would inspire the employees in my company to follow suit. This type of leadership displayed by the top administrator is imperative because the employees of the company are often be the ones interacting with customers and the surrounding community. The next value I would promote within my business culture, communication, is closely related to honesty. With honesty and communication, there is great potential for my company to gain support of the surrounding community and rapidly grow. Communication allows for people to build, share, and refine ideas in order to make it the most effective. When developing ideas, a good collaboration team has a variety of different personalities within the group. The voices on this team has equal value to the overall idea, and each has a different insight into how the idea can be improved, ultimately creating a well-thought-out idea. In order to carry out this type of idea-making, there must be a sense of healthy and effective communication. This type of communication requires clarity, positive body language, active listening, and feedback. Although it is

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