A Research On The Real World For The First Time

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Finding the most suitable firm is extremely crucial and could be challenging because I’m going to step into the real world for the first time. Marketing is a heart of any business and it is such a diverse field, my target is not limited to marking firms only, but also includes any business that has marketing in their operations. I am going to narrow it down and look into two marketing firms that I am most interested to do more research and identify the most appropriate firm.

The purpose of doing this report is to compare two firms that I would like to work for and decide which one is a better choice. I chose to focus my research on the companies Google Incorporation and Pinterest. My analysis is mainly focused on the …show more content…

Besides doing my job, I want to be able to take on other projects outside of my day-to-day tasks to learn and grow. This will make me more valuable to the company and help me climb the ladder.

Besides career growth, the company’s culture and value are also crucial. I need to believe in the products and services that the company produces in order to believe in the company. A company’s culture defines how the team interacts in the organization and the outside world, therefore it is critical to find out what’s the culture is because one day, it will be my DNA. A great company culture also attracts great partners, which creates success. People will want to do business with you because of what you believe in and what you stand for, not just the products alone.

The last important characteristic is a company’s environment. A company is a second home to its employees; therefore a positive, collaborative, creative work environment will retain employees in the long run, and motivates them to work harder. I want to be able to find happiness, and allow the best version of myself to shine and contribute to an already successful firm.

Company I: Google Incorporation

Background, Products and Services, Culture and Environment

Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they met at Stanford University. Larry and Sergey began collaborating on a search engine called BackRub to operate on Stanford

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